makeadifferenceAs a private nonprofit organization, Vintage House relies on the generosity of a growing community of supporters to continue meeting the ever-evolving needs of the burgeoning 55+ population in Sonoma Valley.

Some funding does come from local and county governments but it covers less than 10% of our annual operating costs. The fees we charge for our programs and services only cover another 5% (we deliberately keep costs for these activities as affordable as possible).

This means 85% of our funding has to come from the community at large—from private citizens who believe in what we do: provide Sonoma Valley seniors with a wealth of opportunities to learn, grow, have fun and make new friends.


How Can You Help

General Donations

General donations go to support all Vintage House programs and activities. Every gift makes a difference, no matter the amount.

Designated Donations

If you wish, you can designate your gift to support a specific program. Three programs qualify for designated donations: Scholarship Fund; Thanksgiving & Christmas Dinners; and LIMO (free local rides for non-driving seniors).

Honors & Memorials

You can also use your gift to honor or memorialize someone special to you. Your gift will be acknowledged in our newsletter and communicated directly to the person or persons named in the gift.

Or you can mail a check payable to Vintage House to Vintage House, 264 First Street East, Sonoma, CA 95476, or pay by credit card over the phone 707.996.0311.

Legacy Giving

A legacy gift is a win-win for everyone. It allows you, the donor, to support Vintage House in a manner that suits your financial situation. And it allows us to better plan for the future

Contact our Executive Director Priscilla Essert at 707.996.0311 to learn more about legacy giving.

Vintage House is a private non-profit 501 © (3) organization. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Federal Tax I.D. #94-2745586.

What Will Your Legacy Be?

It could be happier, healthier lives for Sonoma Valley seniors for years to come. That’s the potential power of a legacy gift to Vintage House.

Here are a few ways you can create that lasting legacy:

1. Charitable Gift Annuity and Cash

A charitable gift annuity is a giving tool that provides you with a fixed income for life and leaves a lasting gift to your designated charity. You can designate a specific amount or percentage of your estate, and do so even after other specified gifts have been made.

2. Gift of Closely Held Stocks

You transfer shares of stock to Vintage House with an appraised value. As a result of this gift, you are entitled to a charitable deduction in the amount of that gift on your personal tax return. Plus you avoid capital gains tax on the appreciated value of the stock.

3. Gift of Real Estate

An individual can take an income tax deduction for 100% of the fair market value of real estate held for more than one year. In addition, the capital gains taxes due if the property had been sold are by-passed when the real estate is gifted. The outright gift of the property reduces your taxable estate.

4. Gift of Life Insurance

If you have a policy that was purchased several years ago but the need for this coverage no longer exists, instead of cashing in the policy for cash, consider contributing the policy for the benefit of Vintage House. By changing the ownership and beneficiary of the policy to Vintage House, you will receive a charitable income tax deduction.

5. Gift of Securities

U.S. tax laws offer a triple tax benefit for gifts of securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) that have increased in value since purchase or acquisition. The tax benefits you could receive by gifting such securities to Vintage Housed are: 1) Charitable income tax deduction, 2) Avoidance of capital gains taxes, and 3) Reduction of potential estate taxes.

To learn more about legacy giving, contact our Executive Director Priscilla Essert at 707.996.0311.

No matter what decision you make, expert professional advice from a certified financial planner, an estate attorney or your personal accountant should be part of the process. These individuals have the background and experience to help guide your ultimate choices and specific wishes.