Senior Service Projects

Vintage House and Rotary Club of Sonoma Sunrise have teamed up to match seniors in need of assistance with home-based projects, with volunteers from Sunrise Rotary who complete the work free of charge. A variety of home repair needs have been addressed ranging from carpentry projects, general repairs, runs to the dump, and more. One senior recipient had this to say about the support she received:

“I never imagined I could get help like this free of charge! When the Rotary volunteers came, not only did they repair my fence, but they found several other things in need of repair and they took care of all of it! Best of all, they sat down and visited with me, which really lifted my spirits. Without Vintage House, I never would have had access to receiving this assistance from Sunrise Rotary. This truly was a life saver for me.”

If you or someone you know needs help with a home-based service project, please contact us for more information.