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Dear Members, Friends:

To say that the last 10 days have been extremely out of the ordinary is putting it mildly. The truth is, they’ve been surreal. Never in our lifetimes have we experienced anything like this. A State mandate to shelter-in-place, no public gatherings, schools across the country with their doors shuttered, the lights on Broadway dimmed indefinitely, and on and on.
As each one of us tries on our own to adjust to this “new normal,” the common thread that keeps coming up as we talk with people is connection. When we thought about connection pre-Coronavirus, we would naturally tend to think about our relationships with friends and family, pets, and other loved ones. Now, the theme of connection runs so much deeper, and in ways, we had never thought about before.
Before the Coronavirus, most of us took for granted the ease of connection we had to the grocery store or the pharmacy, but for many, this is now a daunting challenge. To address this challenge, just this week we launched Vintage House Delivers, providing free prescription pick-up and grocery shopping and delivery to Sonoma Valley seniors.
Before March 17th, it might have never dawned on us that we couldn’t pop across town or hop in the car for a drive to go visit with our children or grandchildren, but now we can’t so we are connecting with them virtually over Zoom, something most users had never even heard of 10 days before. Zoom is a great online tool for virtual gatherings of all kinds including classes, social visits over a cup of coffee, or even to virtually share in an activity together.
Next Friday at 1pm, Vintage House will be offering its first virtual class.  It will be a Ted Talk that you can join on Zoom using your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  The link is and the Meeting ID is 707 996 0311. This will be the first of what we hope will be a long line of virtual classes.  Between now and next Friday, if you what to learn more about Zoom or experiment with a virtual get together with your family or friends, we’ve got you covered. Visit Zoom Quick Start for a complete tutorial on how to get started.
During this time of sheltering-in-place, it is natural to feel agitated since we can’t leave our homes and our entire routine has been turned on its head, with no end in sight. So during these trying times, if you need a little something to lift your spirits, you can’t go wrong with the sea otter live cam at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It’s almost impossible to watch these adorable creatures, and NOT start smiling! You can check them out 24 hours a day at
During this unusual and difficult time, our wish for all of you is that you stay safe, be healthy, and stay connected—to one another and to us here at “the House.”  While our doors may be closed, we’re still here for you and we’re only a phone call away.

Priscilla Call Essert
Executive Director


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In this second video installment, Bobbie discusses the work of Byron Katie:  Loving What Is. 


Bobbie Jonas is a Holistic Practitioner, Relationship Coach, and Creator of “Your Magical Mind, Shift Your World” A Place for Conversations that Matter. You can reach Bobbie at 707-227-6485 or by email to

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