You may be wondering what our “status” is here at Vintage House. Specifically, when do we re-open? We still don’t know, but we are excited and optimistic because we’re getting our facility ready for you while we wait.

We are in daily consultations with local, state, and national agencies—including other senior centers—gathering excellent advice and critical data. 

When we are completely confident we can ensure your health, only then will we re-open. 

So, for now, please hang in here with us as we remain virtual for a while longer, and let’s hope we see each other in person soon!

From the Press Democrat: Wave, write or call local seniors isolated by the pandemic


Chris Smith has written a great article about the isolation some of our neighbors feel, and what we all can do to help. 

Now through August 12, spread some love and cheer by purchasing a wine or tea gift box and surprising a loved one, friend, or neighbor!  




The SF Jazz Society is broadcasting live jazz for just $5 a month.  Sign up for their new digital membership and tune in each Friday at 5 PM (PDT) for the latest concert ….CLICK HERE



211 Sonoma is a county service where information about Food Secutiry, SIP Updates, School Lunch Sites, Financial Resources and more can be found.  Dail 2-1-1- or….CLICK HERE



We are excited to offer a robust online class schedule!  Head on over to our Classes & Events page to check out the list! …CLICK HERE

MEALS:  Seniors and families can receive a meal on Wednesday’s and Friday’s between 11am and 1pm at our front door, or by delivery to your door (by advanced arrangement only – call 707-485-9346 or 707-996-0311).


The Sebastiani At Home offers exclusive movies, including those currently in theaters, for rent from their website – plus, local independent films not currently available on Netflix and other streaming platforms ….CLICK HERE 



Want to help?  Sonoma City is collecting donations to help those in our community with food insecutiy….CLICK HERE


Support local businesses by ordering dinner for take out or delivery (be sure to call ahead to verify services are still happening)….CLICK HERE

Minutes of Mindfulness

10 Weeks of Quarrantine Life with Bobbie Jonas

Week 10 video, what does the new normal look like?  What will help you feel safe? 

Bobbie Jonas is a Holistic Practitioner, Relationship Coach, and Creator of “Your Magical Mind, Shift Your World” A Place for Conversations that Matter.

Please enjoy the rest of our series with Bobbie Jonas by clicking here.

You can reach Bobbie at 707-227-6485 or by email to

Meditation with Katie Dejongh

Are you feeling additional anxiety? You’re not alone. This pandemic has us all facing more stress and anxiety than usual. Take 20 minutes out of your day and listen to Katie’s soothing voice to help guide you through physical and mental benefits. 

A Second Installment

During this time of uncertainty, it’s comforting to feel the emerging sense of community and interconnectedness. As we help each other through this, we must also take care of our own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Please enjoy!

Meditation – Healing Mother Earth