Stress Management Workshop

10/21/2021 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM PT

Serendipity, Synchronicity and Mountain Lion Magic
How I Learned to Manage Stress in the Moment and Saved My Life

with Jude Cassel Williams, President
Cassel Consulting Group
Sonoma, CA


In these times of uncertainty and worry about what the future may bring, whether imagined or real, be it about health, aging, finances, fires, floods, politics or relationships—you name it, our fears are stress producing. This session will offer participants an opportunity to learn a scientifically proven method for reducing stress in the moment it is happening. Jude will share an account of how a series of coincidental events led to learning how to overcome the negative effects of stress due to loss and then surviving the ultimate test, an encounter with “the beast.” She will discuss cutting-edge practices developed by the Institute of Heartmath, and which she is certified to teach on how to apply them in everyday encounters, mountain lions or not!

  1. Learn a cutting-edge, scientifically validated set of practices developed by the Institute of Heartmath to reduce the negative effects of stress and taught around the globe to thousands of groups and individuals.
  2. Identify and understand why the everyday “little stressors” can be as damaging physically, emotionally and psychologically as the big events.
  3. Practice two methods that will provide in the moment stress reduction and demonstrate their effectiveness.

Jude Cassel Williams has enjoyed a thirty-plus year career as a motivational speaker, leader/team developer and career coach providing management and organization development consulting to organizations, teams and individuals on three continents, including non-profits and plus-55 communities in Sonoma and the Bay Area. Jude grew up near Philadelphia, came to San Francisco during “the summer of love” and never went back. She volunteers for Sonoma Newcomers, has led theme hikes for Greenbelt Alliance and is certified to teach the stress management practices developed by the Institute of Heartmath.
She dabbles in gardening, spends winters in Baja with husband Wendell, has two adorable grandkids and is in the process of writing a murder mystery involving her husband’s family.  

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