We Need Your Help. Please Donate Today.


Dear Vintage House Members, Friends, and Supporters:

It has been about three weeks since news of the coronavirus started to occupy the news, our conversations, the economy, and our local community.  Just 10 days ago, Sonoma County issued a shelter-in-place order. Since that time we have become increasingly aware of the spread of the virus in California and other parts of the country, and the importance of heeding the shelter-in-place orders, especially for seniors. While Vintage House doors have remained closed to the public, we have been receiving a flood of phone calls from local seniors in need of help. Some are unable to leave home to shop for groceries because they are taking care of a sick spouse. Others do not drive and can’t get to the store. Some have gone through most of their food or have run out of essentials. All are scared and they need our help.

Please DONATE TODAY so that Vintage House can continue
to respond to seniors in-need across Sonoma Valley during this unprecedented crisis.

Over the past 10 days, Vintage House has had to re-think how we do business and serve seniors, and as a result, we have launched new initiatives, built on our successful collaborative partnerships, and explored new ways to serve you.

  • This week we launched Vintage House Delivers, providing free prescription pickup and grocery shopping and delivery service for Sonoma Valley seniors. Learn more here.
  • We have converted our Friday Soup’sOn! program to a curbside to-go meal. Our staff and volunteers practice CDC safety guidelines and wear gloves and masks as they hand a sealed bag to the driver or passenger. All individuals preparing and packaging meals also follow CDC safety guidelines. To the best of your ability, we urge seniors 65+ to shelter-in-place and ask a friend, relative, or neighbor under the age of 65 to pick up the meal for you. Soup will continue to be served curbside to-go on Fridays from 11:30-1:00.
  • We have been recruiting, training, and organizing volunteers to serve in a multitude of capacities. We are blessed to live in a community where so many care about the welfare of others. Our volunteers are making calls to members, writing cards to seniors living alone or in assisted living facilities, serving as shoppers and couriers, and so much more
  • Soon we expect to launch our Wednesday Night Supper’s On! as a curbside to-go meal. Partnering with Ramekins who will prepare the free meals for seniors, Vintage House will distribute them curbside following the same strict guidelines in place for Friday’s curbside soup to-go.

Each day brings something new.
Vintage House will continue to be here to respond, but we need your help.

The closure of Vintage House amounts to a decrease in revenue of $70,000 a month—a substantial part of our monthly income, at a time when local seniors need us more than ever before.

Please donate as generously as you can to help Vintage House through this crisis. As the only organization in all of Sonoma Valley dedicated to serving the needs of seniors, we are committed to remaining responsive and to help in any way that we can.

Until we can once again gather at “the House,” be well, and stay safe. We are here for you so please call during business hours with any needs or concerns—707.996.0311.