One Year Later …

Sonoma Valley Seniors Still Need Your Support

We transformed many of our programs at the outset of the pandemic to help keep seniors fed and sheltered safely at home and we remain devoted to providing these vital services as the pandemic and uncertainty stretch on. Your generous donations will help seniors find new hope.

Thanks to you, in 2020:


11,355 warm, nutritious meals were served.

“Everything has been delicious. You all do an excellent job and we so appreciate it.” -Lindsey


256 safe deliveries of groceries and medicines were made.

“A special thank you to the young woman who shopped and delivered our groceries. She did a great job shopping and was so pleasant and enthusiastic, I got a little teary as she left.” -Linda

More than 2,000 heartfelt calls were made to seniors at risk.

“I am one of those seniors that you called. It made me feel very lucky to live in a community that cares and reaches out.” -Maryann

The need for these vital services continues.

And as vaccinations for COVID-19 ramp up in our community, Vintage House is bridging the technological divide to help seniors access online vaccination appointment sites and providing rides at no cost to drive-thru clinics.


No matter what lies ahead, Vintage House will continue to be there for seniors today and always.


Even a small gift helps give immediate access to these vital services to our most vulnerable elders.

Thank you for being there when we need you most.